Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dying moment to moment - Atman Nityananda

Athena is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavour.
In all traditions the Divine Mother protects and guides the aspirants after Truth, and dissolves the egos from their psych.

Glory to Divine Mother, the creator, the sustainer and the destroyer of the universe.

Dying moment to moment

The death of ego from moment to moment happens by remaining alert and vigilant and aware of ourselves (of the silent space within) and at the same time repeating the name of God.

In this state of vigilance and self-awareness we can observe and notice what happens in our psychology. Every time an egoic emotion* or thought arises, we offer it to God to dissolve it. We offer it and continue alert and self-aware vigilant repeating the name of God.

The defense mechanisms of ego impede us be aware of the play of the various egos but in course of time if we really want to realize truth and we practice systematically, regularly and diligently we will manage to overcome all obstacles and ego's resistance. Intense longing for liberation and self-realization, patience, perseverance, sincerity, confidense, faith and love for the inner work are necessary.

Our continuous practice ( of self-awareness, self-observation and Japa nama) purifies the mind and the heart, dissolves all selfish energies and fills us with divine vibrations (sattva). Gtradually the sattva quality increases in our mind and tamas and rajas are reduced. The mind becomes serene, calm, clear, sharp, peaceful and focused. Discernment and dispassion gradually are developed.

A pure-sattvic mind is our best friend and best instrument to eliminate the egoic tendencies as well as for deep meditation and the realization of our true nature, (the Atman or consciousness).

A sattvic mind is calm, clear, sharp one-pointed, detached and with a high ability to discern between the real from the unreal, the false from the true. All above mental capacities are necessary to discover all ego tendencies and patterns and dissolve them by the power of prayer and the repetition of the name of God. The repetition of God's name leads also to deep meditation and samadhi in which  we realize our identity with God consciousness.

Together with this main practice (of self-awareness, self-observation and Japa nama) we can apply also other technics in order to purify our mind and dissolve the egos. But Self-awareness, self-observation, prayer, Japa nama as well as meditation and Self-enquiry are the essence of spiritual practice.

* The negative Emotions and selfish thoughts have as source some of the fundamental expressions of ego that we call egos,; some of the main are: lust, lasciviousness, gluttony, vanity, vainglory, pride, envy, hatred, greed, laziness.

So, for example sexual thoughts come from lasciviousness, food thoughts from gluttony, thoughts of success from pride and vanity etc.)

Anger, fear and depression as well as most of the negative emotions are effects of the aforementioned fundamental egos,  however we can consider them also as egos and work with them in the same way we do with the other egos. But in the case of anger, fear and depression is necessary to detect which fundamental ego is behind it and work also with it in order to dissolve it.