Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sivananda's Poem THE VEDANTIC HILL


I stand on the heights of the Vedantic hill.
I entered the heart of Bhuma or the Infinite Wisdom.
Master of destiny am I.
No evil, no human element, no pain, no sorrow is here.
there is infinite good, perfection and freedom,
Perennial joy, supreme peace and sweet harmony,
It is the land of fullness, happiness and felicity.
The law of cause and effect does not operate here.
There is neither sunrise nor sunset here,
It is all eternal sunshine and effulgence.
There is no smell of mind, egoism or intellect here.
The senses are burnt to ashes.
Pure consciousness reigns supreme.
There is neither 'I' nor 'you' nor 'he',
Neither 'here' nor 'there' neither 'today' nor 'yesterday'.
It is an abode of Ananda Ghana, Vijnana Ghana, Prajnana Ghana.

a) Vedanta - 'End of Vedas', teaching of Non-Duality Oneness
b) Ananda Ghana, Vijnana Ghana, Prajnana Gnana -
Massive Bliss, Incredible Realization, Awesome Knowledge.

Let the whole world oppose me,
Let all turn out as my enemies,
Let all my friends and disciples leave me.
Let me be put in the prison,
Let me be sent on lifelong exile,
Let me be burnt alive,
Let me die of hunger.
Let me be poisoned or crucified,
Let my body be cut into pieces,
Let people come to stab or cut my throat,
Let me remain without anybody to help me.
Let thunderbolt fall upon my head.
Let me be thrown into the sea.
Let me be trampled under the feet of an elephant,
Let me be rolled down from the summit of a mountain.

There is no fear in my heart: none.
I am immortal Soul, Sivoham, Sivoham !
I have powdered Death, and Maya and its effects.

 -- Sri Swami Sivananda 

Peace, love, harmony