Thursday, February 8, 2018

ATMA VICHARA ~ Swami Sivananda

Haidakhan Babaji meditating


The effort to keep the mind always concentrated on Atman or Brahman is what is called Atma-Vichara.

Till the blissful Jnana dawns on you, you should do constant and intense Sadhana.

You must not stop thinking of Brahman (Brahma-Chintana) even for half a second, even for the time taken for one winking. 

You must become Nididhyasana-Parayana (one whose sole refuge is meditation on OM with feeling and meaning). Then only Brahma-Jnana (direct knowledge of Brahman) is possible.

~ Swami Sivananda

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The experience of real happiness (ananda-bliss) ~ Atman Nityananda

The experience of real happiness (ananda-bliss)

Bliss lies always within our heart, it is an attribute of Consciousness, but we do not experience it because our mind is always agitated and extroverted and we are always in a state of emotional turmoil.
We can experience happiness only when the mind is tranquil and rests in our heart. Desires, fears, anger etc. keep the mind always agitated and the prana (vital energy) contracted. This condition is experienced as suffering. 

When a desire is fulfilled the mind becomes for a while calm, concentrated and introverted. In this mental state the mind reflects naturally the happiness of our inner Self or Consciousness. But we do not recognize it because the ego puts a veil in this process. We think that we experience happiness because we got the desired object.

Due to fulfillment of desires we can experience a little happiness but due to desire, attachment and greed we experience a lot of psychological suffering, bondage and separation. We cannot have desires and pleasures without experiencing suffering because all psychological disorders and defects (fear, anger, depression,  jealousy, avarice, pride,etc.) are only modifications of desire. The impulse or the energy of desire has a heavy vibration which is experienced as suffering. More over desires are insatiable and there is no way to be free from the painful impulses of desire if we try always to fulfill them. 

The spiritual way to happiness

On the other hand there is a way to experience the happiness of our true Self within, without to suffer painful consequences. This is the spiritual way. By purification, self-control, discernment, non-attachment, meditation and self-enquiry we can consciously abide always in our heart and experience the bliss of our own existence.

Freedom, peace and bliss is what we really are but the ego and desires cloud our intelligence and we fail to realize it.  
Ego is our true enemy and not the objects by themselves. If by intense spiritual practices we eliminate from our psych this psychological virus of ego and desires we can experience always unalloyed bliss, peace and freedom.This is our destiny and our eternal abode.

May God bless you realize your true nature in this very life and be Free for ever! 

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